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The Life and Work of a Mezzo Soprano

If one were to sum up the life and career of mezzo-soprano Linn Maxwell Keller in one word, multifaceted might be that word.


But one word cannot describe her. A concert artist, opera star, musical theater actress, festival organizer, impresario, and arts patron, she was a skilled and expressive performer. An artist who told stories through song. A scholar driven by her passion to explore and discover. A multilingual singer, a teacher, and motivator who built a community of artists and audiences wherever she went. For a time, she set aside her career to be the best mother possible and was always a kind, generous woman who was loved deeply and dearly.

These are just a few of the many facets of Linn. Taken too soon, but leaving behind a musical and personal legacy that survives her passing.

"Linn Maxwell Keller"(7:35)

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