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She has performed on the great stages of the world. Linn Maxwell, mezzo soprano, born in Indiana, was hailed by the New York Times. In the Anglo Saxon world her technique is considered flawless. Now the artist appeared at the International Theater Frankfurt. Hard work to play before a small audience. read more )  German version )

     – Jamal Tuschick, Frankfurter Rundschau, 3/7/06

At times, it is dark and self-absorbed - as was Lenya. It is also filled with moments of brilliance as the story of her relationship is with Weill unfolds through torched monologues and various songs. Maxwell is a gifted actress and her performance is riveting. After her husband's death in 1950, Lenya's obsession was to keep his music alive. What comes out of this piece is a lively, heartfelt portrait of a legendary lady whose story is worth telling. The songs, in English, German, and French from shows like "Mahagonny," "The Threepenney Opera," and other early stage works, are masterpieces that deserve to reach new audiences."

     – John Hoglund, Back Stage, 10/22/04

"Linn Maxwell's dramatic portrayal of Lotte Lenya spotlights stories from the German diva's life. The cabaret-theatre piece, performed at the Producers Club, is currently touring small clubs and universities across the country. "A Whole Lotte Lenya" features the music of Kurt Weill and is written and directed by David Tabatsky.

". . .but Linn Maxwell stole the show with a masterful performance of Brahms' "Alto Rhapsody" and Ravel's "Sheherazade." Maxwell was in full control throughout, her rich contralto capturing the despairing, yearning emotions. . . Maxwell's glowing voice, with a rich vibrato, took it from there, displaying impressive technical command. . . Maxwell, rapturous in the first exultant notes, maintained the drama in softer passages with a voice light as a caress."

     – The Washington Post

"A true mezzo soprano, ample in size yet easily modulated in either registral extremes and graced with an appealing plangency of timbre."

     – The New York Times

"Of the vocal soloists, mezzo Linn Maxwell was outstanding. She possesses a firm, full, well-placed voice, evenly controlled, and her delivery of an aria like 'Erbarme dich, mein Gott,' in tandem with solo violin, was a model of poise and musical phrasing."

     – New York Post

". . .Linn Maxwell brought appealing warmth of tone and understanding to the contralto arias."

     – The New York Times

"Falletta and mezzo-soprano Linn Maxwell's inspired rendition of Mahler's "Songs of a Wayfarer". . .she sang with just the appropriate tinge of drama. . .In short, it was a stunning and satisfying performance, sure to please even the most hardened Mahlerite."

     – New York Newsday

"Linn Maxwell, a remarkable mezzo soprano, sang a large, rare Vivaldi "Nisi Dominus." In her performance, the operatic qualities of the style served the text in ways that obliterated the sacred-secular distinctions. Her technique was flawless, her control sput out of the long, florid passages; her tone and phrasing were beautiful."

     – San Francisco Chronicle

"Maxwell sang beautifully in the Passion (St. Matthew), but made her greatest effect in Saturday's Handel cantata, 'Lucrezia.' Here she had the stage to herself and made the most of it with a surprisingly powerful mezzo voice and intelligent musicianship to back it up."

     – San Francisco Examiner

"Maxwell was well chosen for these songs (Kindertotenlieder). Her tone was even and well-defined throughout the register, despite the large leaps that Mahler favored."

     – Denver Post

"Miss Maxwell is an exciting singer with an enormous range of emotional coloration in her voice."

     – Washington Post

"Maxwell's alto solo 'Es ist Vollbracht,' was amont the most intensely moving moments in the performance."

     – Toronto Globe and Mail

"Mezzo-soprano Linn Maxwell sang her arias with beautiful focus."

     – Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The quarter of soloists was outstanding with Linn Maxwell making a particularly strong impression. Hers is a true mezzo-soprano, warm in timbre and utterly even from top to bottom. There are no register breaks, no phony chest tones."

     – Syracuse Post-Standard

"Mezzo-soprano Linn Maxwell was clearly the vocal star of this year's Festival (Winter Park Bach Festival)."

     – Orlando Sentinel

"The three solosits. . .dispatched their parts attractively, with Miss Maxwell's honeyed mezzo making the most impression."

     – The New York Post

"The Inter-American String Quarter with mezzo Linn Maxwell brought a transparently lyrical sensitivity to Thomas Wagner's 'Ballade,' a tonal peace prayer. . . Maxwell and the quarter inconspicuously showed why Rorem is a master at letting music serve the text."

     – The Washington Post

"At the center was Maxwell, who more than amply displayed what an experienced, well trained, voice, a versatile and sensitive musicality, and an appealing personality can produce. But what was most remarkable. . . was the effectiveness and plausibility shown as she traversed the likes of Purcell, Stravinsky, Mozart, Brahms and even Porter and Gershwin."

     – The Grand Rapids Press

". . .Linn Maxwell, the mezzo-soprano, was one of the performance's assets. She brought a smooth, beautifully modulated tone to her cavatina, 'Fac ut portem'. . ."

     – The New York Times

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